back to article Realm – a database you may not have heard of but app devs have – touts cloudy platform

At last, you can stop thinking about networking. Mobile database maker Realm promises this bliss as a consequence of using its new Realm Mobile Platform – which weds the Realm Mobile Database with the Realm Object Server to support applications that exchange real-time data. Using the now open-source Realm Mobile Database, a …

  1. Platypus

    "The Realm Platform works with Java, Objective-C, and Swift"

    So of course the image shows PHP. Yeah, I know, it doesn't matter and only a geek-pedant would notice or comment on it. Still, perhaps not the best design choice.

    1. AndyDent

      Maybe there was an original image that was wrong or maybe you don't recognise code - now it is showing Swift, and I recognise a bit from the RealmDraw sample. (The CGPoint is a giveaway).

  2. Tom Chiverton 1

    Sounds like Pouch/Couch ?

  3. AndyDent

    Platform now works with Xamarin and React-Native

    Things have moved on - React Native and now Xamarin support were launched in Feb 2017. See my guest blog article on

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