back to article Enterprise Yammer goes on end-of-life list for January 2017

Microsoft's rationalisation of enterprise messaging continues, with Redmond putting its Yammer Enterprise offering on the end-of-life list. The announcement is made in this blog post: “With Office 365 applications such as SharePoint and OneNote becoming an integral part of the Yammer experience, users will need an Office 365 …

  1. x 7

    what is Yammer? Sounds like a mating/dating app......

    1. Locky

      It's a business critical, tier 0 application according to the colouring in deparments, and must be available at all times. Without it, how would the rest of the business know what Jo on reception is doing after work tonight?

    2. ad47uk

      The company I work for is pushing to get everyone on it, from what I can see it is just a business version of Facebook. I decided I did not want anything to do with it, so I decided to cancel my account or what ever it is.

    3. ad47uk

      It is a social network thing for companies. I can see how it can be useful in some places, but I am not interested. I been told that we could have a section for our department to send notices and messages. we have about 10 people in our department, leave a note on the whiteboard if they want to leave a message.

  2. Gunboat Diplomat
    Big Brother

    Re: What is yammer

    It's a cracking way of identifying who in your organisation doesn't have enough work to do - the list of most active users is great ;)

  3. Bababooyah

    We use it at work (very large corporation) for our associate resource groups, various product launches/campaigns & campus events and broadcasts. It is quite popular with a lot of us.

    One can join a "group" (philanthropic, work group, resource group, etc) to see posts from that group.

    > You can tag people within the org and hashtag, as well.

    > You can use it to "Praise" someone who did exceptionally well on a project/whatever.

    > You can run "Polls" on it, too.

    > You can post pictures and links which display a preview like on LinkedIn.

    Some of our groups include groups like: Southwest Campus, Southeast Campus, etc;

    Women's Business Group, Admins Group, United Way Campaign, Wellness Group, Environmental Sustainability Group, PAC Group, Business Unit Groups, Product Groups, Diversity & Inclusion Group, Software Tip Groups, and so on.

    1. x 7

      "Women's Business Group, Admins Group, United Way Campaign, Wellness Group, Environmental Sustainability Group, ............. Diversity & Inclusion Group,......."

      Ah, so its a tool used by lefty feminist bollox-speaking deluded green self-appointed pressure groups? No interest to me then

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