back to article TalkTalk hack: Teen in court on hacking and blackmail charges

The fifth suspect to be arrested in connection with the megahack of TalkTalk last year has appeared in court today. Daniel Kelley, of Heol Dinbych, Llanelli, was arrested in Llanelli last November and arrived in court today charged with 14 offences relating to hacking, blackmail and fraud conducted between March and November …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Seems a bit of a waste, hacking TalkTalk...leave it a few months and it'll fall over/release customer details etc on it's own.

  2. Oh Homer

    Wot? Not them dreaded Mooselems, then?

    How many "Russian Islamist cyber jihadis" could there possibly be in Wales, anyway?

    N.B. Bonus points to Damballa (i.e. Adrian Culley) for smearing Russia and Islam in a single stroke.

  3. frank ly

    Fifth suspect

    Was that five people all working together, independently; or did it take the police five attempts to get the right one?

    1. Gordon 10 Silver badge

      Re: Fifth suspect

      The cop shop in Wales had the steepest stairs......

  4. tr1ck5t3r

    Do you seriously believe the country purporting to be the no1 Soft Power in the world is able to be hacked by loners in their bedrooms?

    Just look at how quickly the spooks moved to track down the bloke punting images from Pippa Middletons (sister in law to a future King) icloud account?

    Govt/Military have a game play, down play the spying and capabilities because the public would not like the truth that the UK is in effect one giant panopticon, where your school records, NHS records, Bank purchases are all monitored in realtime. Some Big Businesses are little more than Govt agencies in all but name, just take BT OpenReach, the clue is in the name. money GDP is just one big carrot for the donkeys who dont know where the carrot/money comes from even though it keeps expanding ala BoE M4Ex.

    Things is the spooks know the game is up, theres only so many co-incidences they can get away with before it becomes statistically improbable for occurrences to be anything other than spook work.

    You just need to be observant and push their buttons like they push your buttons.

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Black Helicopters

    TT were SOOO releived it was a teenager

    They were worried, because their security is so crap a five year old might have hacked them.

  6. paulf


    Wow. So he's not even 20 yet and he's already hacked various major and smaller businesses, extorting serious money in the process?

    I wish I'd achieved that much by the time I was 20!

  7. Lodgie

    Coincidentally I received a "support" call from TalkTalk this morning. Apparently by computer has a virus. I only mention this as I was, for a short period, a customer of TalkTalk and my number is XD. Perhaps a coincidence. I would have done the usual half-hour wind up but I couldn't be arsed.

  8. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Conditional bail until October?

    Gives him a few days to find a tame trick cyclist to swear he runs Asparagus on a Spectrum or had OCD/ADHD/DVD/SSD or whatever the Get Out Of Jail flavour of the month diagnosis and would be a suicide risk if he got extradited to England.

  9. Truckle The Uncivil

    People who have Asperger's often think differently from the majority. That is what it is. It is not their fault anymore than someone can help being tall or short.

    You seem to be thinking in the manner of a Procrustean Bed. That sort of thinking is both black and white, and highly divisive. It seems to be the cause of most of the headlines.

    I would rather live in a world where the culture is inclusive and has inclusive laws rather than one that condemn minorities to exclusion and tribulation. There are better ways of doing things.

    NB. I am not suggesting Asperger's is a get out of free card but its effects and the intent of the person involved must be considered. Things must be proportionate.

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