back to article Damn you Brexit! You screwed my biz – LSE-listed tech supplier

The management team at Alternative Networks has played the Brexit card to explain why the London-listed IT and comms integrator has missed profit expectations for FY’16, which ends this month. The Mobile division had stabilised and with cost-cutting actions to offset the impact of new tariffs on roaming rates, margins were …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Great excuse

    But try looking inwards.

    An incompetent management team and sales teams who are unable to sell may be a more realistic reason.

  2. Andrew Meredith

    Enough already

    As absolutely nothing has actually changed yet, they would be better blaming over emotional Remoaners that think the world has come to an end, and have thus put their lives and budgets on hold, than the result of the referendum ... or indeed "An incompetent management team and sales teams who are unable to sell"

    1. Yes Me Silver badge
      Thumb Down

      Absolutely nothing has actually changed yet? Really?

      So, the exchange rate and reluctance to invest are absolutely nothing, are they?

      Certainly this shouldn't be an excuse for all failures to execute a business model. And you could even argue that a well-managed company would already have taken steps to discount the effects of a Leave vote. But pretending that nothing was changed by the vote is just wrong.

  3. Dr.Disaster

    Never saw that one coming ......

    Ah yes, every failed management teams favourite excuse for completely failing to do their jobs (i.e. manage the company successfully). It wasn't us, it was the market / environment / any other external factor that we were too stupid to understand and account for .......

    Brexit is just the BEST get out of jail free card these wasters have ever had

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