back to article Oracle lawyers prevail in copyright case (No, not that, the other one)

Oracle has been awarded $46.2m in its copyright battle with Rimini Street. The Nevada Federal Court awarded the cash [PDF] to cover the legal bills Oracle has racked up in its years-long battle with Rimini – which repackaged and sold support services for Oracle products without a license. The federal court also put in place a …

  1. Fungus Bob

    Oracle is in the news...

    ...and no one gives a shit!

    1. asdf

      Re: Oracle is in the news...

      Pretty sure Larry on whatever fancy yacht least of all gives a flying ...

  2. thexfile

    Most of Oracle stuff is a security risk.

  3. PassiveSmoking

    I have no idea who these guys are, but if Oracle are taking them to court then they must be the good guy. When one of the belligerents is Oracle then the other one is the good guy by default.

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