back to article Despite IANA storm, ICANN shows just why it shouldn't be allowed to take over internet's critical functions

Internet overseer ICANN has responded to allegations of mismanagement, opaque decision-making, and an institutional lack of accountability by launching a review. That review, however, will not touch on the most serious charges leveled at the organization, including the fact that its staff deliberately misled companies seeking …

  1. Huns n Hoses

    These are obviously scaly dudes

    Someone remind me, why exactly are they going to be running the internet?

    1. John 104

      Re: These are obviously scaly dudes

      @ Huns

      Because the US of A is doing such a horrible job and are evil (just look at their foreign policy) and why should they be in charge of this world wide tool when they're evil and its more than one country that uses the internet. Yeah, fuck the US, lets make them give up the reigns and show them who's boss! Yeah! YEAH! That'll show em!

    2. WatAWorld

      Someone remind me, why exactly are they going to be running the internet?

      Because we're told only 'right-wing extremist loonies' like Ted Cruz oppose the handover.

      And we know Ted Cruz is a 'right-wing extremist loonie' because his counterparts on the extreme left-wing tell us so.

      Just because someone is unlikable and unpopular and disagrees with you on things doesn't mean they're ALWAYS wrong.

      Without serious modifications before the hand-over ICANN is going to follow in the evil footsteps of FIFA and the IOC.

      1. Bucky 2

        Re: Someone remind me, why exactly are they going to be running the internet?


        I'm reminded of a quote from Family Guy: "Even true things, once said on Fox News, become lies."

  2. Stoneshop


    Just shoot the lot. Then run them over with a steamroller, chop them up, roast the bits over a large fire and dissolve them in strong acid.

  3. Jim Preis

    I, for one, welcome our new incompetent internet overlords.

  4. Anonymous Coward

    Sad, just sad....

    Where do we get these people, who are trusted with reasonably important public services. Instead, these keep getting turned into unaccountable, corrupt havens for status-seekers and junket-attendees.

    1. keith_w

      Re: Sad, just sad....

      probably rejected by the IOC or FIFA for being too secretive

  5. Tony W

    Self-serving organisation

    Pretty much tautology.

  6. aurizon

    How large will the "Votes for Sale" department be?

    One vote per country = China will buy the votes of a plethora of small fry - just like the UN.

    And the breeding of thousands of beurocrats whose wages we all pay, who will all drive Mercedes - where will the fees fot this come? All our pockets, but mainly the rich ones via crooked fee structures.

  7. Neoc

    I don't get it...

    Someone explain to me why ICANN hasn't been given the finger yet by the techies and a new organisation set up to bypass this shit? What is it they do that can't be done by a new setup?

    1. Aitor 1

      Re: I don't get it...

      Politicians. They love rackets.

    2. Yes Me Silver badge

      Re: I don't get it...

      "What is it they do that can't be done by a new setup?"

      Nothing. And that's the irony of the Ted Cruz campaign. The main reason that ICANN can't be fired for incompetence at the moment is the US Government contract with ICANN. If all goes to plan and that contract lapses next week, ICANN performance will be reviewed by the Internet community and they can be fired into the bargain. The "control" that Cruz is so fond of is what allows ICANN to ignore community pressures. But I would also point out that the critics of ICANN policy and procedures for top-level domain delegations mostly have vested interests, so take all those criticisms with several large pinches of salt.

    3. WatAWorld

      Re: I don't get it...

      It has. It really doesn't matter what techies think of ICANN. What matters is what politicians and the mainstream media think of ICANN.

      And what politicians and the mainstream media think of the IANA handover to ICANN is based on argumentum ad hominem, ergo decedo.

      Sadly politicians and media 'political analysts' think that multi-dimensional beliefs, like political beliefs, can be reduced to a scalar, the left-wing/right-wing scalar.

      Keeping IANA controlled by the USA is a 'right-wing extremist' view.

      Letting ICANN run IANA is a mainstream view (i.e. left-wing extremist view).

      If your cause is labeled right-wing you might as well give up and go live in the wilderness, because the entire right-wing has been outed as totally being a bunch of trolls on every issue there is (by the left-wing trolls, people who own the only credibility these days).

      Most techies have enough math to know that reducing a multi-dimensional value to a scalar for comparison is invalid. We remember being told in grade 9 (or your national equivalent) that such a procedure is mathematically and logically invalid. But politicians, political analysts and political journalists have forgotten whatever intermediate math they sat through in school.)

      Delaying the handover of IANA to ICANN is not an issue on the left-wing/right-wing axis.

      Preventing handover would not be on the imperialist/freedom axis either, because the current options are one imperial power (the USA) or another (ICANN bureaucracy). Sticking with the USA is not liberty.

      But the proposal is DELAYING the handover until there is a nationally independent democratic organization to take control, a replacement to ICANN or an totally re-done ICANN. So delaying the handover for another year, even two years, is on the imperialist/freedom axis.

      I think that is why the right-wing adopted it and the left-wing rejected it, they were going by the world "freedom". "Anything freedom" this year is right-wing and the left-wing says only trolls will support it.

      Sadly the cause of delaying the handover has been taken on by the right-wing, and just because of who is handling the cause it will be rejected -- argumentum ad hominem, ergo decedo.

  8. Crazy Operations Guy

    Never understood why there were two organizations in the first place

    IANA and ICANN really don;t do all that much (which makes their massive corruption so weird). Really, they just sit about creating new standards (Well, the IETF does that), create new DNS suffixes (for which the infrastructure and the hard work is done by private companies and foreign organizations), assign IP addresses and AS numbers (Which is really handled by the regional registrars...), and manage some of the WHOIS database (Which all the work is done by registrars, ICANN/IANA don't even bother to check that its accurate)

    So really the only thing they actually do is to hold massive multi-million dollar circle-jerk conferences in expensive locations around the world with money they nickle-and-dime out of ordinary folk. At least they no longer get to suckle upon Uncle Sam's teat anymore...

    1. WatAWorld

      Re: Never understood why there were two organizations in the first place

      IANA was a US agency. It was and is under the US government.

      IANA was broken off from the US government so it could be handed over to an international body.

      ICANN is the international body that came along to take IANA off the USA's hands.

      After a handover, ICANN will likely consume IANA so that IANA can never be taken away from it. Then they'll be just the one body, where IANA will be a department within it.

  9. Justicesays

    All they really own

    Comes down to 26 lines in a large number of text files world wide...

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