back to article Greybeards beware: Hair dye for blokes outfit Just For Men served trojan

Malware writers have penetrated the website of hair-dye-for-greying-blokes outfit Just For Men, foisting a password-stealing trojan at visitors, Malwarebytes researcher Jerome Segura says. Attackers are using the RIG exploit kit, which recently dethroned Neutrino as the most popular of the off-the-shelf crime kits that make …

  1. tony2heads
    Big Brother


    They really need a fine-toothed comb to root this out.

    Icon: I'm sure Big Brother dyes his moustache

  2. hplasm
    Paris Hilton

    Fancy that!

    Just for Men has a website.

    But why... "Hey! Guess what? I'm secretly grey!" ?? I can't see it being popular.

    1. Captain DaFt

      Re: Fancy that!

      Amen! You go to the store, buy product, use product... what part of that requires logging into a passworded site?

      What service could they provide, aside from maybe a support group?

      "Hi, my name is Ken, and I dye my hair."

      "Well DUH! We all do here!"

  3. Chris Miller

    Grey and proud

    A friend tried one of these products. He turned prematurely ginger.

  4. Peter Gathercole Silver badge

    Fortunately, I don't need it

    I am going slowly grey, but will welcome it, as it will finally make me look closer to my real age.

    <smug>Still have a full head of hair that is naturally mostly it's original colour with the odd grey one mixed in, at closer to 60 than 50</smug>.

    My daughter is getting married shortly, and I've been told I look younger than her fiancee, even though I'm 27 years older! The wedding photos are going to look strange.

  5. Yugguy

    I'm happily going gray, albeit fairly slowly.

    I absolutely do NOT want to look like the cliche bloke with haggard old face and jet black hair.

    1. TVU Silver badge

      "I absolutely do NOT want to look like the cliche bloke with haggard old face and jet black hair."

      That's the greatest mistake that people who dye their hair make; they go for the colour of their youth. In so far as it is possible to be natural looking, the best thing to do is to always go one or shades lighter than the natural hair colour otherwise it looks like a furry mammal has climbed up on to your head and has gone to sleep there.

  6. Voland's right hand Silver badge

    Well... That is expected

    You are part of the el-reg's intended audience. So am I (one day, on one of my holidays, someone will call animal control that there is a stray silverback on the loose).

    You are not part of "Just For Men" intended audience - that is 3 floors up, sales and marketing and the floor above them with the boardroom.

  7. Magani

    Bad Hair Days are gone

    Being hirsutely challenged on top, I guess I'm probably safe from this particular infection.

    However, where there still is hair, I prefer to call it 'silver' rather than the more common 'grey' - much more distinguished, doncha know.

  8. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    Just For Men parent company Combe

    Corporate nominative determinism?

  9. Arthur the cat Silver badge

    Surely greybeards don't have to worry?

    It's the "yes, my hair is jet black, honestly" crowd that need to.

  10. Bucky 2

    I use Just for Men (apart from jet black, they also sell mouse brown). I can't imagine what might possess me to visit their web site. It's not like combing goop through your hair requires a lot of study.

  11. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    Silver hair / grey hair

    FWIIW, in Cologne either is called melatenblond. Melaten is one of Colognes oldest cemeteries.

    1. David 132 Silver badge

      Re: Silver hair / grey hair

      FWIIW, in Cologne either is called melatenblond. Melaten is one of Colognes oldest cemeteries.

      How cryptic.

  12. Mahhn


    May they go out of business and die of cancer. I used their product on my hair once, my entire face bled out of the pours, it was painful like being on fire. The scabs looked bad for a week. This is a COMMON occurrence and pictures can be found of people hospitalized for this. I posted my pics of this on facebook and tagged them, they had them removed... I hope they all burn to death. Good job hackers.

  13. PenGun


    The reason we are greybeards is because we don't use that crap. Geeez, what stupid article.

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