back to article IDC: Those servers numbers just keep on tumbling

The latest server sales figures for Europe, Middle East and Africa show the continued march of no name server makers as enterprises and big data centres increasingly buy hardware directly from ODMs fron the Far East. IDC numbers showed revenues down 3.7 per cent to $3bn despite a modest 0.8 per cent increase in the number of …

  1. Leeroy

    It's not the cloud

    It's the fact that server admin guys are realising that they can have twice as many hypervisors if they shop around. I have one that has been working for 5 + years and it cost £1K. If it dies who cares ? The VM will fail over to another one and I will either fix or replace the broken unit.

    I'm not going to pay DELL or HP £££££ when I can pick up a cheap box that lasts for years and doesn't have proprietary components that coat the earth and are a nightmare to configure.

    Disclaimer, storage is slightly different... don't skimp on that !

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