back to article What the world really needs right now is more Comcast: US cable giant mulls wireless service

Cable giant Comcast is ready to float its entry into the wireless market with its own service. Speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference this week, CEO Brian Roberts said the service was slated to hit the market sometime next year. The network will use a combination of VoIP using Comcast's own Wi-Fi hotspot network and Verizon's …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Comcast plus Verizon?

    Only if we get to lock them in a windowless room until only one is left & then shoot the survivor.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Comcast plus Verizon?

      Just lock them in the room, turn off the ventilation and then flush the key!!

  2. a_yank_lurker

    A good fit

    The industries most reviled over here. Comcrap has plenty of practice at antagonizing customers and feels they must the minor leaguers (US baseball) how its done.

  3. Crazy Operations Guy

    There is a precedent for that

    I think Comcast is trying to duplicate the rather violent screwing that Rogers did to the Great White North. If they can screw up both cable and wireless simultaneously, then why can't a multi-billion dollar company from Philadelphia do the same?

  4. PunkTiger

    I wish we had some DECENT competition

    I dumped "Bombast" back in 2011 because of ever-increasing prices for basic service. My current Internet service has been Verizon DSL since it was known as Bell Atlantic DSL in 1999. (Yes, my cable TV and Internet services were separate... long story, but it boiled down to billing responsibilities at the time.)

    The REAL amusing part is when Verizon started rolling out their FiOS service, Bombast successfully blocked them from taking it statewide, so only a small handful of towns ended up getting the FiOS service. So, no broadband Internet service for me because I am NOT signing my soul over to Bombast.

    So yeah, fark Bombast with a rusty razor-wire dildo and lemon juice. Not that Verizon has been the most gleaming Pillar of Excellence, but at least the DSL service has been pretty stable for as long as I've had it.

  5. Anonymous Coward

    What the world needs really is more Comcast!!

    Because shared suffering always brings people together!

    More seriously, read this:

    "If you are one of our better customers, we believe there will be a big payback with reduced churn, with more stickiness, with better satisfaction, more product purchasing from us,"

    Three of the 4 positive outcomes mentioned here (reduced churn, more stickiness, more product purchasing) benefit Comcast, not its customers!! That Comcast would publicly state this and with a tone that portrays that it is doing this as some kind of favor for its customers this gives you a pretty good idea what their idea of customer service is like.

    I'd encourage El Reg's readers from other nations to experience Comcast for themselves, but that probably be construed as some kind of U.S. declaration of cyber-warfare or economic espionage.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Which reminds me, really, really need to neuter the Xfinity wireless hotspot feature.

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