back to article Oracle's feeling pretty SaaS-tisfied with itself

Oracle has seen its revenues return to growth as the enterprise computing giant continues its migration away from on-premises systems. The database kingpin once again talked up the growth in its SaaS and PaaS businesses, while hardware and on-premises software continued to decline. This as Oracle is just days away from its …

  1. Doogie Howser MD


    I love the irony that Oracle's conference is called "OpenWorld" when they're one of the most proprietary companies on the planet.

    Token Oracle gag - do you have to pay a delegate fee for every seat you *could* have sat in at the keynote?

  2. Starry Starry Night...



    Sun reaches $1 billion in revenue--the fastest rise ever for a computer company with a direct sales force.

    "Words fail to describe how successful Sun has been. For a company to grow at that rate is just incredible."

    - Robert Herwick, Hambrecht & Quist


    Hardware revenues of $996m were down 12 per cent on the quarter, with hardware product revenues falling by 19 per cent and support revenues by 4 per cent.

    Words just fail me...

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