back to article Elastic acquires predictive analytics firm

Elastic, the company behind Elasticsearch, has acquired behavioural analytics biz Prelert. The Amsterdam-based parent company, with an additional HQ in Mountain View, today announced that it has acquired Prelert and will integrate its analytics technology into the Elastic Stack. The financial terms of the deal were not …

  1. Professor Clifton Shallot

    Buy Prelert, the world needs

    When I was seven my cousin just prevented me from reading out the "If Typhoo put the T in Britain, who put the rudeword in Scunthorpe?" graffito from Nigel Rees's book to the assembled family.

    I imagine doing so would probably have scuppered the idea of getting a ZX80 for my eighth birthday and who knows, may have meant I never became a Reg commentard.

    Life is indeed a bowl of toenails.

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