back to article VMware Workstation's installer loads danger-junk, so patch it ASAP

Late last week VMware delayed the release of Workstation 12.5 because of a bug it felt needed squashing before the code went live. It turns out the desktop hypervisor doesn't have one: it has three. And all nasty. Two derive from a dud installer. The first means “some DLL files [are] loaded by the application improperly.” “ …

  1. Nate Amsden Silver badge

    workstation is mature

    Been using vmware since 0.9 on linux back in 99. Vmware workstation has been mature enough for me for a decade or more. Only reason i upgrade (last one was from 10 to 12 black friday saw the deal here on el reg) is for newer OS support (going from 10 to 12 did nothing for me but it seemed cheap at the time and i believe i still qualified for upgrade pricing at the time. I think one more major version and that wouldn't of been the case). With Linux kernels breaking drivers so frequently not like i can keep running workstation v4 forever.

    I suppose this is what vmware gets for axing the workstation team and I assume outsourcing it or something ? There was news on that here in the past year or so.

    I also suppose some people will confuse these security issues with vsphere hypervisor when they should not of course(they will just see the name vmware).

  2. rcx141

    How about fixing all the stupid network problems? Every time I spin up a linux VM it can't find the network, and I have to keep swapping between NAT and some other networking. I don't need the hassle, and neither do the hundreds of people posting the same problem on the internet for the past decade.

  3. Zap

    Class Action Lawsuit fior Microsoft et al

    I have been in this industry as long as Microsoft, what I will never understand is how it is just common practice to release vulneable code.

    We should not need the plethora of security fixes.

    When will a class action, a really big one, be started?

    I suppose that now that Micro$oft is the underdog we should have pity

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Before pitying Microsoft, check its bank balance again.

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