back to article In Red Hat, Veritas: Firm backs OpenStack convergence play

Red Hat is working with information management firm Veritas on data backup and storage in OpenStack clouds. The duo will work together to delver what they call “predictable” quality of service to OpenStack applications and workloads “regardless of scale”. Veritas will work on integration of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform for …

  1. Bloakey1

    Not in My Book.

    In vino veritas as far as I am concerned. hic!!!

    Storage in the cloud , hmmmmm, what a brilliant idea especially if it is backed up every 10 seconds to a server in Nagorny Karabach and your support team are fluent in Engrish <sic>.

    That would be a load off my mind as this data has started to worry me and the responsibility of backing it up to multiple disks etc. is a real pain. I do not really need it as it is just accounts, tax details, pictures of my children through the years, holidays taken and snaps of magic moments with friends. Not forgetting business critical data, databases, stacks of stuff on litigation hold etc.

    I can get along without it all, sign me up and I understand if it is all lost that nobody but myself is responsible.

  2. jtaylor Bronze badge

    Quaker Oats became popular because they offered a consistent product in reliable measures. In other words, customers learned to trust their product quality.

    This is important in computing too. Providers model expected demand and then build to it (with varying overcapacity). Customers buy a service as if it were guaranteed. If the provider fails to reliably meet expectations, they lose the trust of customers.

    "Predictable quality of service" is a big deal. I'm interested to see how this works.

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