back to article Top infosec vendors, cops, liberate thousands from ransomware

Warriors from industry and law enforcement collective No More Ransom have cleansed more than 2500 machines of ransomware by distributing free decryption keys and other tools to eradicate infections. No More Ransom is an alliance of cops and anti-malware experts including McAfee and soon-to-be-former parent company Intel, …

  1. Pascal Monett Silver badge
    Thumb Up


    No cat to pat right now, but I am immensely pleased that the scum are getting their rug pulled from under their feet.

    There are intelligent people on both sides of the judicial fence. Kudos to this group for hitting crims where it hurts.

  2. Omar Smith

    Infosec warriors defeat criminal ransomware.

    I blame Linus Torvalds and his communist Operating System for all this ransomware. I got the strangest feeling of Deja vu while I was typing that.

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