back to article Sony levels up PlayStation 4

Sony has announced two upgraded models of its PlayStation 4 games console. The PS4 Slim is the lower-end model and will cost $299; it will be available from September 15. The higher-end PS4 Pro has double the graphics processing power, comes with a 1TB hard drive, and will cost $399. It will be available in mid-November. Both …

  1. Grunchy Bronze badge

    How about Sony VR?

    That's what I'm looking for.

    I also want first-person RC aircraft control functionality. I want Sony VR to communicate with a wireless camera of my choosing!

    Sigh, I want, I want.

  2. Bad Beaver


    I'll take one once it also comes in white.

  3. David Austin

    Blu Ray 4K

    Is that supported? that would be a nice plus point...

    1. Mjnurney

      Re: Blu Ray 4K

      Nope , Sony say stream in 4k

      1. David Austin

        Re: Blu Ray 4K

        Seems a bit of a gamble on Sony's part: The xbox 360 S does support it, and the fact that the PS3 was a (Pretty good) Blu Ray Player in a lot of gaming households killed Microsoft and their HD-DVD Initiative.

    2. Daz555

      Re: Blu Ray 4K

      4K Blu-ray is not supported and this has annoyed some. However I thnk that Sony know that dedicated 4k players will be £100 before the end of 2017 and will be found in Asda for 50 quid during 2018.

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Da fuck?

    PS4 Pro

    Pro what??

    Cowadooty Infinite Warfare

    Yeah thanks we have that in the real world. And seeing how a war with Russia is now the only way to kick the can of economic collapse down the street a few hours more, we are going to go places. No need for games.

  5. Randy Hudson

    So games will have half the frame rate in 4K?

    1. Daz555

      If a particular game runs at 30fps on a standard PS4 @1080P it will also run at 30fps on a PS4 Pro but at the higher 4K resolution. Early signs are that developers will also offer the option to NOT play at 4K but instead choose to play 1080P @ 60fps.

      PSVR seems to be getting a nice bump as well with crisper visuals and better framerates reported.

  6. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Wont buy another

    So its a PS4.5? Wont be buying another console, this kills the model.

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