back to article Regulators, take note: Tencent is now Asia's biggest company

WeChat maker Tencent became Asia's highest-valued company today; not bad going for an app that launched long after well-established instant-messenger brands moved to mobile. Tencent reached a valuation of $256bn on the Hong Kong stock exchange, surpassing the market valuation of China Mobile. Samsung Electronics is valued at $ …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Strangely, that's a reasonable valuation

    A little googling indicates that Tencent generated around $10 billion profit last year, so that's a P/E of 25 or so. Lower than Facebook, Google or even Microsoft's. If they were traded in the US the crazy multiplier they'd be given would probably have them topping Apple's market cap!

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    You what?

    If the EU had kicked out Google for looking at it funny like China did I expect a local version would have flourished too. It's not quite what democratic countries do though.

  3. Only me!

    How much money have they made so far?

    What's the realistic projection?

    Is it valued that high so Faceslap cannot afford to buy it?

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      "Is it valued that high so Faceslap cannot afford to buy it?"

      Facebook can't buy Tencent, because Tencent's entire business model, and everything on Wechat, is all about complying with China specific legal and business requirements. So they comply with China's real name policy. They also have real time key word blocking and flagging. They keep all messages, potentially forever. And messages are available to the gov't whenever they want.

      Facebook has had executives go to jail in Brazil because they wouldn't (and couldn't, because they don't store them) turn over chat jobs after being served with a court order. China will not let allow any end to end encrypted chat programs to operate. It has created an open market for local alternatives.

      So Europe should ban all providers can't keep copies of all communications, do not require real names, and won't block and flag a list of gov't maintained keywords. This will push Facebook and Google out as well, allow local competitors to grow. The domain is available for sale, which I think will be ideal for a social network and search engine that complies with European ideals.

  4. Lotaresco


    I didn't know what that was, and I clicked on the link. What a mistake.

    "Since 2009, The Trampery has cultivated an innovation ecosystem of remarkable sector-focussed coworking spaces for entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives."

    At this point I was close to projectile vomiting. However one ray of light in the jumble of pseudo-babble is the very good news that "The Trampery" will be providing space for cow orking. As a long time cow orker I have had few opportunities to pursue my hobby. The only shame is that I would have to share that space with "creatives" and other cotton-headed ninny mugginses who shouldn't be allowed out without a full time carer. Before you know it they will be wearing cravats and pinning a Roobarb doll to their lapel.

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