back to article SoftBank ARM buy is done

Japan's SoftBank says its acquisition of ARM has been completed (PDF). Softbank's announcement says that as of Monday, September 5th, it owned “all of ARM’s issued and to be issued shares”. Today, Tuesday September 6th, “ARM will be delisted from the London Stock Exchange … and will cease to be a listed company.” The Japanese …

  1. paulf

    Only in Newsbytes?

    Same title I used as the last time this happened.

    This is the second "Bye bye ARM" story I've seen relegated to a footnote in Newsbytes. This really does represent the end now they've been delisted; a truly sad day for British technology. A company born and raised here (yes I know the shareholders were spread far and wide so not entirely British owned) grew up to provide a large proportion of the non-x86 processors in the world in a way Chipzilla just couldn't compete with.

    And the eulogy was a short paragraph in the footnotes of history. I imagine more people would have found it and commented had they not been anxious about Leopard warnings on their way to the locked filing cabinet.

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