back to article Meet Deliveroo's ‘bold and impactful’ new logo. No, really

Fresh ripples of excitement reach us from the world of rebranding, after Deliveroo parked its bike against the walls of the Strategy Boutique. The three year old startup didn’t come back empty handed. It’s got a new logo, Design Week reports in a must-read account, and riders have a new uniform. The trade mag tells us that …

  1. Dwarf Silver badge


    Perhaps its just me, but it looks like K9 to me.

    I am however completely lost as to why the company is called deliverroo, given that they do not deliver with roo's - unless there is something I missed about the ingredients used in the restaurants.

    1. Hans Neeson-Bumpsadese

      Re: K9

      I can kind of see that, but my first impression was of a hand with two fingers raised in the not-very-polite manner.

      1. Whitter

        Re: K9

        As indeed did I .My very next thought was "but it isn't April 1st."

        It's considerably worse than the London 2012 / Lisa Simpson shocker.

        1. Voland's right hand Silver badge

          Re: K9

          As indeed did I .My very next thought was "but it isn't April 1st."

          Correct, but you need to show exactly what does the company think to all those delivery slaves which have shown utter disrespect for the workhouse owner by objecting to the pittance being paid while the owner(s) relax on their yachts parked along the promenade in the Antibes. It is such a pity that they do not understand what "sharing" really means when you are sharing with a Business 2.0 person.

          So it is quite apt and quite on time. TWO FINGERS. That will please the society for the preservation of English traditions in gesture swearing.

        2. ssharwood

          Re: K9

          IMHO Art Spiegelman's lawyers are going to have to pore over some copies of MAUS and ponder their next move.

      2. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: K9

        a hand with two fingers raised in the not-very-polite manner.

        Maybe that was what was intended.

        1. TeeCee Gold badge

          Re: K9

          I suppose it saves their lunatic, scooter riding, suicidal arseholes the effort of sticking their own two fingers up. Must be very tiring for them doing that all day.

      3. Anonymous Coward
        Anonymous Coward

        Re: K9

        > my first impression was of a hand with two fingers raised in the not-very-polite manner.

        Same here. Also holding two silver coins, to symbolise that they have your money.

        1. Roq D. Kasba

          Re: K9

          I got rabbit, rather than K9, but totally see the V's up.

  2. Andrew Barr

    you weren't in when we called!

    Looks like someone sticking two fingers up!!

    1. Cheesenough

      Re: you weren't in when we called!

      Yes, I see a right-handed two finger salute too.

  3. Dan 55 Silver badge

    Strategy boutique were on Deliveroo's zero hours lower-than-minumum-wage contracts

    No other explanation.

  4. anothercynic Silver badge

    Looks like...

    ... A V sign... A 'two-fingers' wouldn't show the fingernails which are clearly visible! *takes a toke from the hookah and hums along with the whalesong* ;-)

  5. Anonymous Coward

    Never heard of them

    Just checked the "blog" for Birmingham. Ideas for Christmas and Valentines in there. So they may want to update their site before their logo. To me, that smacks of a business that's shut down.

    1. ad47uk

      Re: Never heard of them

      Apparently they have started to deliver around here, I saw one van of theirs and that is it, I have not seen them advertise, so how they get business I do not know, not that I would use them

    2. Mr Tumnus

      Re: Never heard of them

      "Just checked the "blog" for Birmingham. Ideas for Christmas and Valentines in there"

      Well ... yeah, halfway down the page.There are later posts. Maybe fuck all happens in Birmingham.

  6. Mr Sceptical
    Thumb Down

    2012 again?

    Nah, they've just been staring at the London Olympics logo and decided that while they couldn't copy the Lisa Simpson idea directly, they could just go with a blocky, one-colour mess...

    1. Michael Strorm

      Re: 2012 again?

      Let me guess. They stared at the London 2012 logo so long that its lurid pink shading fatigued the colour receptors in their eyes, then they looked at a blank white piece of paper and a green, complementary-coloured version of the logo appeared to them.

      Lo and behold, "inspiration"!

  7. Ol'Peculier

    Looks like they are sticking it to their delivery drivers...

  8. Phil Endecott

    Isn't that the playboy logo, in greenand without the bow tie?

    1. Charlie Clark Silver badge

      A shit, punk Playboy logo is what I thought too.

      Don't know the older logo but it can't have been worse. Lots of these "capital light", "me too" services here in Germany. Hard to get excited about any of them considering how low the barrier to entry is but some seem to have given at least some thought as to the best way of carrying stuff around on bikes.

  9. Androgynous Cow Herd

    Bargain basement logo

    Was the marketing department underpaid as well?

  10. Anonymous Coward

    Oh God.

    What a terrible logo.

    The trouble with all of these sorts of food delivery folk including the execrable Just Eat, Jinn, Hungry House, Deliveroo, etc... is that once you get past all the 'clever' and incessant marketing, chatty blogs, and smiley friendly happy photos of customers or cooks, what you're left with is grotty men on grotty mopeds delivering semi-heated food shaken around in tatty polystyrene boxes.

    We used to get swarms of Deliveroo and Jinn drivers hanging around the Word Merchant part of London, and we had to get the council and police involved when the drivers started leaving stacks of litter and urinating everywhere late at night.

    The delivery companies initially refused to take a stance because 'the drivers are all self employed so our hands are tied'. I have to say the council were fantastic, reminding the companies in questions that these people wear your branding, so represent your firm.

    But that's the reality of these firms, not the endless 'Give me a naan after midnight' style of infantile marketing.

    1. Warm Braw Silver badge

      Re: Oh God.

      If you want to be truly depressed, take a look at their hilariously named "careers" page. I'm not quite sure how you can add all those overheads to what would have originally been a spotty-kid-on-bike service and still have a viable business model.

  11. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    What's that Skippy?

    1. P. Lee

      > What's that Skippy?

      The marketing department is a fiver year-old with potato, a pen-knife and a pot of paint, who's fallen down a well?

  12. John70

    The Deliveroo drivers I've seen round Manchester are more like Suicide Squad the way they weave in and out of traffic.

    1. Wupspups

      Remind me more of the old motorcycle couriers that used to kamikaze all over the place in late 80s/early 90s. Pretty much the same employment system to. Riders were self employed in most of the courier companies.

  13. 0laf Silver badge

    It's the good old archers salute isn't it?

  14. Roger Kynaston Silver badge

    This is a spoof right?

    if not I need lots of beer.

    1. Whitter

      Re: This is a spoof right?

      Who cares? Beer for everybody!

      1. Fruit and Nutcase Silver badge

        Re: This is a spoof right?

        Lead us not into temptation

        but deliver us from e̶v̶i̶l̶ rebranding.


  15. adnim

    "As you can see, the results are well worth it."

    If it cost less than a fiver.... almost.

  16. frank ly

    Let's talk about the colour

    Is it the right choice? Will it still be relevant in two years time?

  17. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Oh dear

    As far as shit logos go, this one is particularly shit.

    1. Rich 11 Silver badge

      Re: Oh dear

      Coming to a shit moped near you -- soon!

    2. Graphsboy

      Re: Oh dear

      A comment worthy of inclusion in advertising lore. I shall carry that one into my next design meeting and inflict it on any fool who deserves it. Top notch.

  18. Alistair



    in a terrible midwestern mangling of the language, said quite SLOOOOOOOOWLY and at FULL VOLUME.


    at least thats what I got out of it.

  19. Cursorkeys

    It looks a little...not good.

    Also, quite similar to RabbitMQ's logo (

  20. David 132 Silver badge


    You're all completely failing to appreciate the new logo. The bold, decisive design reflects the company's core beliefs, while communicating the underlying playfulness and sense of whimsy. Vibrant colours say "this is a modern, go-getting company"; the particular shade used was chosen specifically for its ability to evoke feelings of warmth and..., it's no use. I just can't keep writing this utter loblocks. 'Scuse me while I go off and retch copiously into a hand-crafted sustainably-sourced traditional Mayan birthing bucket.

    Here, have this crude two-tone rendition of a V-sign to talk about while I'm gone. Job done.

  21. maccy

    Following the new two-fingers up logo ..

    ... Deliveroo will be changing its name to Fuckyoo

  22. Zot

    The register is hardly best placed to take the piss out of logos...

    1. Shades

      Why, what is wrong with the Vulture exactly?

      1. David 132 Silver badge
        Thumb Up

        @Shades - Indeed. Nothing wrong with the Reg logo. Fads may come and trends may go, but the Vulture is a fixed point in a febrile and transient industry. They carrion regardless.

  23. Captain DaFt

    Pardon me for not using 'tips and corrections'

    But that is one huge typo in the opening paragraph.

    "Fresh ripples of excitement reach us from the world of rebranding,"

    Shouldn't that be, "Fresh ripples of excrement reach us from the world of rebranding,"?

    Carry on.

    1. 0laf Silver badge

      Re: Pardon me for not using 'tips and corrections'

      Admittedly I did read your quote as - "Fresh nipples of excrement retch us from the world of rebranding"

      Must cut down on the Daily Mail.

      1. Rich 11 Silver badge

        Re: Pardon me for not using 'tips and corrections'

        Preferably with a poleaxe.

    2. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Pardon me for not using 'tips and corrections'

      "Fresh ripples of excrement"


  24. Winkypop Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Up yer kilt!

    Reminds me of this old car sticker

  25. Pierre Scize

    I share your distain --

  26. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    One more thing

    Why the hell are there so many companies advertising memory foam mattresses? All over the frickin' place. Eve, Casper, Leesa, Purple. All with 100 day trial. WTF?

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