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Bridgeworks’ PORTrockIT TCP/IP transmission parallelising software accelerates IBM’s Spectrum Protect WAN transfers up to 210 times. Spectrum Protect is IBM's re-branded Tivoli Storage Manager backup software. As well as backups completing far faster, network latency problems were mitigated and packet loss was reduced. Check …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Why so stingy with the kit?

    I wonder why the author of this report chose to build TSM (for it is indeed a TSM 6.3 server rather than Spectrum Protect 7.1 server) on a Windows platform with less than the supported amount of memory. 8GB is scant for a laptop these days, and below the supported minimum for a TSM 6.3 server, but this is what has been demonstrated in the paper.

    A typical Spectrum Protect server these days (for example, the "large" blueprint) would have about 20x more than that - memory isn't all that expensive.

    Indeed, why bother demonstrating a TSM 6.3 server at all? TSM 6.3 came out in 2011 and will go end of service in April next year, it was withdrawn from marketing last month.

    TSM 7 has Aspera FASP (guess what, a software defined WAN accelerator) as an optional feature (it's shipped within Protect from v7.1.6+).

    Perhaps that's part of the reason for this report being based on v6?

    Anon for obviously-too-well-informed reasons.

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