back to article Is there an Echo in here? An Echo in here? Good, says Sonos. Good

Listen up – Sonos is letting people control the music streamed to their speakers by giving voice commands to Amazon Echo and its Alexa personal assistant. Sonos is also developing Spotify integration, allowing folks to control their speakers from Spotify, plus there's an Airbnb Sonos listening initiative. Today, Sonos users …

  1. Docproc

    Great! Except AFAIK the Echo is still US-only :(

    1. Nigel Steward

      As a long time Sonos user, with 10 speakers I wish they would concentrate on sorting out existing long standing problems like:-

      BBC Radio, via TuneIin, dropping out 2 or 3 times a day.

      Improving the communication in the Sonos "mesh". 18 months ago all worked perfectly, now I am unable to have speakers in the garden.

      Rather than these "enhancements" - get the existing system working properly first please.


    2. Slabfondler
      Big Brother

      Indeed it is not available here, none of the Alexa-connected devices are for sale here, though some have imported them from the US and they can be used in a limited way. I can't find anything about why its not available here or when it might be.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Got rod of my Sonos speakers, they weren't very reliable and didn't since that good either. Picked up some Panasonic allplay speakers, they are cheaper, but very reliable and sound 1000x better than the sonos. Sending lossless 24/96 FLAC to them, it's perfectly happy. I also found the multi room much lower latency. Sonos was crap in that area too.

    Best bit, I can already send music to the speakers. "OK Google listen to led Zeppelin" works just fine.

    1. Simon Buttress

      Re: Yawn

      1000x better???

      I've told you a million times, do not exaggerate!!

    2. Chris Parsons

      Re: Yawn

      Open Media Vault on a Raspberry Pi. Unbeatable. Music where I want it, at a reasonable price.

  3. armyknife

    Alternatively ....

    Just press play?

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