back to article A partial de-cloaking of Samsung's mystery Z-SSD

The mysterious Samsung Z-SSD was announced at the Flash Memory Summit, and positioned as a DRAM-NAND gap-filler. This makes it competition for XPoint. We asked Samsung about it, and here is what we learnt. El Reg: Is it NAND media? Samsung: We believe that Z-SSD, which is based on NAND technology, can fill the performance …

  1. Andy The Hat Silver badge


    Don't you just lurve getting your teeth into a juicy non-story ...?

    <Report starts> "As reported, Samsung are developing a fast nv memory device." <report ends>

    1. Alistair

      Re: Hmm

      Actually, they'd rather not provide the start or stop details.

  2. Snowy Silver badge

    My answer is...

    We prefer not to provide further details at this point.

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