back to article Red Hat goes to work on OpenStack network convergence

Red Hat has fully embraced OpenStack’s Neutron in a convergence-targeted virtualisation package. The Linux shop has released Red Hat Virtualisation 4, a package that subtly drops the reference to “Enterprise” held up until and including version 3.5 The intent seems to be for Red Hat’s virtualized Linux stack to become the …

  1. Hans 1

    >Red Hat’s hypervisor, meanwhile, has also been reduced in size running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2. The new hypervisor image is based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 installer, and only installs packages required to run the host as a hypervisor with no excessive packages, Red Hat said.

    >According to Red Hat, the new hypervisor would let you “streamline the installation of system packages and driver updates, simplify the deployment of modern technologies, and provide better hardware support configuration management integration.”

    Look here, MS, they can have hundreds of VM's running on the hypervisor ... using up less space than ONE minimal Windows Nano Server VM ... I know, you customer-base is all sold the bull you purvey, but things are about to change!

  2. lleres

    Such a shame that Openstack is in such a sorry state due to shoddy software engineering practices and each part of it seemingly developed in isolation by different teams with wildly different APIs and conventions. SDN alone does not change how bad the rest of it is, in particular I/O performance.

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