back to article Google cloud in five-hour unplanned cloud outage

Google's Compute Engine has suffered a five-hour Partial Inability To SupporT Optimal Performance (PITSTOP) incident. The event kicked off at 07:32 on Monday morning, August 22nd, Pacific time. It concluded on the same day at 12:01. In the interim, Google first reported that it was “ investigating an issue with network …

  1. Neoc

    Acronym fail?

    "...Partial Inability To Support Optimal Performance (PITSTOP)..."

    Surely that's PITSOP. Unless you mean "Partial Inability To Support Typical Oustanding Performance"

  2. Oengus

    Exactly what cloud users want

    arriving at work on Monday morning and finding your cloud has keeled over is not what cloud users want.

    This is exactly what cloud users want. It gives them an excuse to sit around and discuss the weekend with their work colleagues. Management on the other hand...

    Beer because what else can you do when your cloud provider has an outage?

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