back to article Fortinet follows Cisco in confirming Shadow Broker vuln

Whatever the source and whoever the backers, evidence is mounting that the Shadow Brokers vuln-dump is real: Fortinet has followed Cisco in confirming its place on the list. Cisco's confirmation said the EPICBANANA and EXTRABACON vulns listed in the drop were real. It had fixed one in 2011, and the other, a new SNMP bug, is on …

  1. Robert Carnegie Silver badge


    That's three bugs confirmed, two patched already, one a nasty surprise. So if these are from the NSA secret hoard, then that last one seems to have been still secret and still hoarded, until this week.

    It seems however that the legal workaround is that the secrets aren't held by the NSA itself but by one or more private hacking companies that they employ. So they're supporting American private industry (or Israeli or whatever) and it's -trade- secrets that "belong" to the hackers. Maybe not even known to the NSA.

    I remember a video game on computer where you could collect points while just standing in the corner doing nothing. Tip: this also works in some offices. (I'm not sure now why I thought any of this information was going to be relevant.)

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