back to article Intel's Optane XPoint DIMMs pushed back – source

In the week of Intel's Developer Forum we have heard its Optane XPoint SSDs and DIMMs may be delayed. We are hearing that the first version of XPoint chips can only be used for SSDs. A second, more developed version is needed to make XPoint for DIMMs. That means XPoint DIMMs may not appear until 2018, which would give …

  1. Novex

    Why... I not surprised? That announcement last year felt a little too good to be true, a little too early, with too little to actually see working.

    Until the XPoint NVDIMMs are released, I am feeling this is still a bit vapour-like.

    1. Pascal Monett Silver badge

      Agreed, but at least IBM states that the tech is "in production". This is no longer a lab project - we will see product, just later than initially stated. I have no problem with that, product announcements are from Marketing, and Marketing always lies.

  2. Gigabob

    How old are these articles

    Given they reference "...delay production until 2017" and we are now rapidly approaching the ides of March 2018.

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