back to article Russian sports doping whistleblower fears for safety after hack

Former Russian runner turned whistleblower in-hiding Yuliya Stepanova has had her World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) account hacked, possibly revealing her physical location to attackers. Stepanova revealed how Russian sporting agencies had helped athletes dope ahead of sporting events leading to sweeping bans against athletes in …

  1. Baldy50


    She was cleared by IAAF to compete in the Rio games under a neutral flag.

    Seems like (WADA) are a bit on the dopey side with regards to security since only her account seems to have been hacked.

    I can understand they might need her details but considering she and her family are in hiding, surely they would treat her info more carefully since effectively a witness to doping and Russian state authorities complicity, so Putin is just going to give her a big hug for exposing cheating.

  2. Adam 52 Silver badge

    The ADAMS site is authenticated with a username and password over plain old HTTPS. Given the sort of enemies or other interested parties WADA has I imagine it's been compromised many, many times.

    I feel really sorry for this couple, they've upset some very nasty people.

    1. This post has been deleted by a moderator

      1. Rich 11 Silver badge

        there is EXTREME doubt as to whether they are basing their allegations on truth

        Just how much do Putinbots get paid these days?

        1. phuzz Silver badge

          "Just how much do Putinbots get paid these days?"

          Not enough to reply it seems.

      2. Anonymous Coward

        I just wish he'd learn the function of the shift key.

        1. VinceH

          He knows how the shift key works - it's just that he presses it far too late for the start of sentences, and when he does press it, he holds it down far too long, resulting in entire words being capitalised. A simple problem of timing, that's all.

          1. John Brown (no body) Silver badge

            "when he does press it, he holds it down far too long, resulting in entire words being capitalised."

            It's not a mistake. It's art! One day those comments could be worth £££millions!!!!

          2. x 7

            his problem is that someone told him the shift key was actually the shit he presses it whenever he talks

      3. Mark 85 Silver badge

        <citations needed otherwise a worthless rant>

  3. Unep Eurobats

    In other Russian sports news

    The reigning national champion has been cleared to compete in the Olympic finals of the topless bear-wrestling. Slava Vlad!

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: In other Russian sports news

      is the bear or the champion topless?

      1. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

        Re: In other Russian sports news

        I hope it's the champ... Ever seen a picture of a bear without it's fur? "Weird" doesn't even begin to describe it.

        1. Unep Eurobats

          Re: In other Russian sports news

          Everyone is topless.

    2. Mark 85 Silver badge

      Re: In other Russian sports news

      So Putin will be wrestling (or at least groping) a bear.... ?

      I guess we need a bear icon.. so this one will do for now.

      1. x 7

        Re: In other Russian sports news

        "So Putin will be wrestling (or at least groping) a bear.... ?"

        Putin is gay, so cuddling up to a bear is quite normal for him

  4. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Whistleblower = Marked Bunny

    Doesn't matter how much good whistleblowing can do, countries and corporations will end you for it.

    Time for less toothless "protection" laws.

    1. Gray

      Re: Whistleblower = Marked Bunny

      We're well trained in duplicity here in the US. After all, some 300 million Americans believe that top-level college stadium athletes are not paid professionals, and they actually intend to graduate with a bonafide education. As for doping? Well, that takes many forms.

      Concerning the Russian whistle-blower couple, it's sad to think that whether it will be this year, next year, or the year after that, Putin and his thugs have long, long memories. I've no doubt that we'll read of some "unfortunate" future accident. Whistle-blowers cannot be allowed to go unpunished. (Even the US Congress understands that threat: while paying lip service to the need for informers, they steadfastly refuse to enforce meaningful protections for those whom people in power consider traitorous snitches and squealers. In America, nobody loves a tattle-tale!)

  5. Aaiieeee

    Sadly she may just turn up dead somewhere.

    Russian gov assists in doping suggests to me that gov assists in hacking. If she isn't particularly computer literate and she has possible state sponsored hackers after her.. well, I'd suggest not using a computer at all. Her best bet is to live somewhere really remote in her currently hiding place (America) and keep a low profile for life, and try not to freak out at every shadow..

    She did the right thing but has massively risked her safety in doing so.

  6. Tom 64
    Black Helicopters

    Polonium cocktail anyone?

    If there whereabouts was disclosed, they'd better relocate, sharpish.

  7. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Fear of Putin?

    <<Concerning the Russian whistle-blower couple, it's sad to think that whether it will be this year, next year, or the year after that, Putin and his thugs have long, long memories.>> Gray

    If you consider the side of Putin that is in actuality a clean-living sportsman, it is very likely that he would be on the side of clean sport and therefore unlikely to hold any grudge against Stepanova.

    While the power axis certainly exists in Russia, it doesn't obey its own laws with any comfortable consistency, and it is entirely possible that the elements who promoted the doping did so on their own initiative. It is paradoxically this independence of movement that demands the presence of a strong ruler like Putin to keep the loose cannons under control, except when it is convenient no to. Sorry if this is offensive to traditional Western political perspectives.

    One example from a few years ago was a near shootout between the Interior forces and the Federal Narcotics Bureau resulting from corruption and a conflict of interests. Putin had to dissolve the narcotics arm and incorporate it into the other body if I recall correctly. (Closest I can find: ). They were completely acting like children with guns and power and Putin had to end the histrionics.

    So maybe he had nothing at all to do with the dopings (especially as it would go against his personal ethics), and that it was a bunch of low-life bureaucrat cheaters that organised the whole thing after attending a weekend team-building exercise that emphasised "empowerment" and "self-determination" and so on .

    But I could be mistaken.

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