back to article Telstra CEO Andy Penn promises $3bn to end The Big TITSUP

How much does it take to fix an ailing carrier network? Three billion is the latest guess, according to a just-issued results announcement by Australia's dominant telco Telstra. The carrier must almost yearn for a simpler time, when it could promise a mere AU$50 million to set things straight after 2016's first round of TITSUP …

  1. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

    A billion or so bucks a year for a country the size of Australia is chicken feed. That's not much of an "investment" in your telecoms...

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Telstra is the devil, no disguise required

    Evil company, rude and insulting sale staff, service that is twice the price of the competition ,because "we own the lines" they lie, the service sucks most of the time, even when you are on a business connection SMS's can take 3 days to come through,if you have a problem it takes hours on hold to be told that the problem is on your end or your equipment, even when you can see the fiber flashing in the back hoe bucket down the street,they just LIE to the customer all of the time, and most muppets just sign anyway (because i have an i phone)

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