back to article Oracle to shutter License Services division – source

Oracle’s cloud sales drive may have claimed the giant’s Compliance and Optimisation License Services (COLS) unit. A source close to Oracle’s licensing operations has told The Reg COLS is in the process of being wound up as the company prioritises cloud sales for new hires. The software firm is less concerned about deals that …

  1. hattivat

    Pity they didn't shutter the Lawsuit Services division

  2. nematoad

    I see.

    "Despite this, Oracle customers faced with large non-compliance bills have seen them cut in return for taking other products or services from Oracle."

    Or in other words an offer you can't refuse.

    That'll be the Oracle license police looking for your wallet.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    All part of making it easier

    For the NSA to see your data.

  4. Roo


    It appears that Oracle have chosen to retain the services of BuSab. :)

  5. PassiveSmoking

    Who gives a shit about Oracle? As long as they stop trying to totally fuck open source projects by throwing a shitton of money at them and then letting them die of neglect, or trying to totally fuck the entire software development industry with lawsuits against developers doing shit that developers have done for as long as there's been a concept of software engineering, I don't care if they fall into a black hole or if a U boat torpedoes Larry's stupid catamaran or anything else. Their influence ranges from irrelevant to toxic.

    1. buxtonmarauder

      ...and breathe..

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