back to article Instagram hackers add porn links and snaps to pwned accounts

Crooks have put together a smut-themed scam campaign targeting Instagram users. Affected users’ profiles have been altered with sexually suggestive imagery to lure their followers to adult dating sites, Symantec warns. Attackers changed the Instagram account pictures and biographies to material plugging x-rated sites, earning …

  1. TheProf Silver badge


    Time to open an Instagram account. Let the merriment commence.

    1. Paul Crawford Silver badge

      Re: Time

      Have an up-vote! I was going to the same really, that now Instagram and Twitter might be of some use or interest.

      1. Captain DaFt

        Re: Time

        This does read like a viral ad campaign: "Free porn with every Instagram account!"

    2. Anonymous South African Coward Silver badge

      Re: Time

      Make sure to use a really weak password!

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