back to article Rackspace CEO: Yes, Brexit has hit us, yes we sold our Cloud Sites biz

Rackspace execs confirmed the sale of its Cloud Sites hosting sub to Liquid Web but ignored the white elephant in the room that Apollo Global is reportedly in talks to slurp the entire organisation. The private equity house might well end up taking Rackspace private again in a deal valued at up to $4bn, buying the company time …

  1. Yes Me Silver badge

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics

    Rhodes warned future sales will be affected by the Brexit vote, and it anticipated roughly $70m of “negative impact” from the weakening of the British pound.
    Every little helps in exposing the lies told by the Brexit campaigners. A company screwed here, a research team screwed there, and we end up with a screwed GDP.

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    2. John Sanders

      Re: Lies, damned lies, and statistics

      Yeah, Brexit is what is killing rackspace's growth.

      Sure, because the past 5 years of bad decisions here and there were because of Brexit.

      The fact that AWS is built on the money poured on that popular shop, how is it called...amarillo? I don't know.

      The whole world seems to react to AWS and MS in this fashion: "Run for the hills!!! they're unstoppable and they will absorb the world".


    3. noboard

      Re: Lies, damned lies, and statistics

      Yep Brexit killed Rackspace, not their shit service. Oh and why are you surprised politicions lied, they've done it for years. Sensible poeple ignore them.

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