back to article In 2014 Malcolm Turnbull said 'Nobody likes outages' in the cloud

In late 2014, Australia's then-communications-minister and now prime minister Malcolm Turnbull flicked the On switch for Dimension Data's dedicated government cloud. At a press event staged at Parliament House, Turnbull expressed great enthusiasm for cloud and railed against the box-huggers who refuse to adopt it. Turnbull …

  1. Ken Moorhouse Silver badge

    "build in appropriate levels of redundancy"

    Two interpretations:-

    (1) to do with system uptime.

    (2) to do with job security for those signing the acceptance agreement.

  2. David 132 Silver badge
    Thumb Down

    Well, of course Cloud is being pushed so enthusiastically by vendors.

    Sell a customer a box, and that's a one-time revenue fillip.

    Sell them "cloud services" and you can extract rent for ever more (and because many organizations are less miserly about OpEx than CapEx, you can jack the prices up with less squealing).

    And once you have the customer's data on your cloud, you have unimaginable levels of control over them. As a wise man once said, who wants power? Power is a trinket. Any petty tyrant can achieve power. Control, on the other hand - ah, now, that's the ultimate prize.

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