back to article World's lamest ransomware authors won't answer fake tech support line

Symantec malware manglers Sam Kim and "Val S" have spent 90 minutes on the phone to ransomware purveyors while researching a new variant that encrypts PCs through fake Windows 10 activation dialogues. Kim and "S" ran out of patience and money waiting for the net menaces to answer their call placed to a phone number listed on …

  1. Tom Samplonius

    Call centres are still hard

    "It is a remarkable failure given the malware writers went as far as to pollute search engine results for the listed phone number by purchasing multiple domains and creating seemingly legitimate sites for PC help and malware removal, the pair note."

    It is probably a lot easier to do all of the things you listed, than launch a new global call centre, train staff, and setup applications and payment gateways to take payments.

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