back to article And now for a lazy Fri…d'oh! Two VMware patches just landed!?

VMware's just announced two significant bugs that need attention, sooner rather than later. The problems are “a DLL hijacking issue in Windows-based VMware Tools and an HTTP Header injection issue in vCenter Server and ESXi” and are rated Important, a step down from Critical. Whether they ruin your weekend is up to you. The …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    THE HGFS bug...

    You left out something important from the advisory:

    *** Successfully exploiting this issue requires installation of "Shared Folders" component (HGFS feature) which does not get installed in "custom/typical" installation of VMware Tools on Windows VM running on ESXi.

    1. 2460 Something

      Re: THE HGFS bug...

      Phew, back to lazy Friday after all :)

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