back to article EMC now spruiking PCs and thin clients, not Compellent

The Dell/EMC transaction's yet to formally conclude, but the two companies are already starting to behave as one if the agenda for a forthcoming EMC event is any guide. The Register was yesterday invited to the Australian iteration of of the EMC Forum, the single-day event at which the company talks up its latest and greatest …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Sad days

    As an Ex Compellent user, and a current EMC user, Compellent is the far better technology. VNX/Unity vs Compellent is not going to end with the better technology winner unfortunately, especially with EMC taking the Dell storage portfolio its just going to be a matter of time before an announcement. :-(

  2. Fenton

    What is a SAN

    At the end of the day what is a SAN.

    It's a bunch of servers (minimum two) with some software

    And attached disk.

    So I can see no really reason why VNX/Unity/Complellent can't just merge code

    Bases. I.e. Take the best code from each and create an even better product.

    1. Flammi

      Re: What is a SAN

      Really??? I guess the next thing you're going to suggest is to create a new OS from Linux and Windows.

      1. Fenton

        Re: What is a SAN

        Well it looks like MS are doing just that with bash integrated with Windows

  3. klaxhu

    Compellent is not a great product. 3PAR is! Not sure VNX is either but EMC know how to sell stuff.

    The one with the bigger market share will win, there is no doubt about that.

    Since Dell bought Compellent there has been no innovation, no flash, no NAS, no object store... no proper investment, to roadmaps - customers are pissed off and the small number of those who bought it would never buy it again, especially with Dell's Nutanix offering and other more up to date.

    So yeah, of course EMC will probably take over and kill EL, Compellent, fade out OEM partnerships like Nutanix, etc Chad was clear about how "they will support existing customers" but also how they would not necessarily have plans to runs both products long term in parallel. (I just reduce Chad loooong post into a sentence but basically that's what I've got out of it.) Time will tell, as always, but to the massive EMC portfolio of over probably now 6000 products another few products lines that compete even more internally is not really what EMC needs right now.

    1. damnyankee

      Color me confused. Dell offers an all flash Compellent, they've brought compellent into new market niches, they've intro'd eql-compellent replication, it's now vsphere metro-cluster capable, and they have a scale out NAS from another acquisition that they've integrated. Of course post merger they'll kill EQL, it doesn't really have a place even in Dell's current portfolio now that controller hardware is improved and 10GbE is available.

      Don't get me wrong, I like 3PAR, but I can play this game and hammer them over tech choices, and to one up, actually be factual!

      3PAR has ridiculously tiny LUN limits! who has a 16TB cap in 2016?

      3PAR has no way to cache writes beyond DRAM caching, failing against VNX FAST CACHE

      3PAR has no way to target writes to higher tier disk, failing against Compellent's write to RAID 10 policy.

      3PAR doesn't have intra-flash tiering!

      3PAR sucks in a write heavy environment!

      1. klaxhu

        yet, 3PAR it is good enough for most customers! I have spent 5 years in EMC so I know what a VNX can and cannot do.

        Flash Compellent? show we someone who uses it ...I fail to find any customers with compellent storage and I talk to quite a few nowdays: everyone seems to have a either emc or hp/3par, nimble and pure.

        You have listed a a few technical speed/feeds which people stopped caring about long time ago, all they want is cheap price when they buy storage hence nimble is doing so great.

        Then, if you look at the storage numbers in the past say 3 Q's, hp was doing quite well where EMC and Dell were both struggling, nobody really knows how well Pure is doing. HP did quite well tho' ! EMC was helped by the XtremIO numbers as VNX and VMAX were sht!

        I speak now from a non-storage point of view as I don't work for EMC anymore - just what I observe with the customers I talked to and the feedback on certain storage array's I get from them. Having said all this, EMC will know how to sell even a shit storage array, s (like the vnx 1 was for example or the first vnxe)

        1. zdiddy_1

          I know of a few huge customers running tens of thousands of vm's all on dell compellent flash. Multi million dollar installs in locations nationwide. Serving high performance db's. Also, Compellent has continued to advance their federation capabilities and 'sw definited' messaging that everyone drowns everyone in. They didn't buy the marketing bs and made their own decisions on architectures. They're not the only ones either. Everything has its place, but at least be informed before making statements. And less exclamation points would probably help your case as well.

  4. NNEstorage

    Compellent's fate will be decided by politics, not by technology.

    Jjust to straighten a few things out.

    3PAR Adaptive Optimization Tiering is between CPG's,

    so you could intra-flash tier between the CPG of 480 GB SSD and the CPG of 7.6 TB SSD and the CPG of 3.84 TB SSD.

    Or even between RAID 10 SSD and RAID 50 SSD.

    I don't think it make sense to move data between different types of SSD's,

    but it is possible on a 3PAR.

    And you can write to SSD first, then have Adaptive Optimization move data to lower tiers from there.

    If Compellent All Flash or VNX All Flash is so fast, then why isn't there a public SPEC test showing something faster than the public SPEC test showing a 3PAR 8000 series doing 1 million IOPS at sub 1 ms, like the test ExtremeIO publishes?

    Do a POC, and see for yourself why 3PAR is outselling Compellent and VNX.

  5. Androgynous Cow Herd

    Cue the corridor warfare

    Dell product teams are quickly learning how we do things in Hopkinton. Compellant is sort of cute, tho.

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