back to article Mid-range storage array buyers' report leaves out .... guess who?

Beancounting firm DCIG has published a midrange storage array buyers' report – with one or two suppliers missing. DCIG states that its Buyers' Guide "weights, scores and ranks more than 100 features of seventeen (17) arrays from ten (10) different storage providers.” Its spiel continues: “These 17 storage arrays are drawn …

  1. Fan of Mr. Obvious

    Flaw is in the qualifications

    "...maximum raw storage capacity of 500TB."

    Mid-range as more to do with performance and cost than capacity.

    1. Nate Amsden

      Re: Flaw is in the qualifications

      haven't bothered to look at the report myself but if the above is accurate it would exclude any currently shipping HPE 3PAR systems as the lowest end model 8200 supports 750TB raw.

      But yet apparently the report includes HPE so I would assume that means 3PAR.. so maybe another double standard.

      1. DCIGJerome

        Re: Flaw is in the qualifications

        This Buyer's Guide Edition does not cover the HPE 3PAR for the reasons you cite. However the HPE StoreVirtual 4335 Hybrid model is covered as it is included in this Buyer's Guide Edition.

    2. DCIGJerome

      Re: Midrange Array Capacity is a Key Qualification Criteria

      Not assessing capacity when reviewing midrange arrays makes no sense. Capacity is absolutely an evaluation criteria. If an organization's only concerns are performance and cost, it should buy an SSD and put it inside the server. The SSD will likely perform faster and cost far less than a midrange array.

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    I believe DCIG is run by the State of California as a "Welfare to Work" program for formerly employed members of the mortgage lending industry whose previous livelihoods have been negatively affected by industry trends in the last decade. So, let's cut them some slack, ok?

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward


    Why use raw capacity as a measurement at all? I cannot think of a reason that it is relevant to anything or a basis of comparison compared to usable capacity pre data reduction. Effective capacity can be skewed by factoring in nonsense such as thin provisioning.

    But no matter what, or how antiquated you think NTAP is, leaving them out of an analysis like this negates the relevance of the report.

    1. DCIGJerome

      Re: Not Flawed but Objective Assessment

      DCIG uses raw capacity as a measurement as it is one of the few capacity metrics that DCIG can reliably and objectively assess. Metrics such as effective or usable capacity are influenced by a number of variables that DCIG finds subjective. Usable capacities can vary greatly between arrays depending on the data protection methodology applied to the flash and/or hard disk drives they use.

      NTAP was simply not covered because none of its array models satisfied the inclusion/exclusion criteria for this particular Buyer's Guide Edition. NTAP models will appear in other forthcoming DCIG Buyer's Guide Editions that are based upon DCIG's research into enterprise storage arrays.

  4. DCIGKen

    Response from a co-author of the DCIG Buyer's Guide

    DCIG has been and continues to be transparent in how we develop our Buyer’s Guide editions, detailing the process in every guide we publish. DCIG continues to refine our methodology to deliver more targeted Buyer’s Guide Editions to meet the needs of technology buyers. DCIG describes our evolution and the powerful positive impact it is having in a recent blog entry on the DCIG web site titled, "DCIG refocuses its Methodology to Deliver Targeted Buyer’s Guide Editions to Better Meet the Needs of Organizations".

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Response from a co-author of the DCIG Buyer's Guide

      Can you elaborate on how DCIG makes money?

      1. DCIGJerome

        Re: Response from a co-author of the DCIG Buyer's Guide

        DCIG clearly discloses the different ways it generates revenue on its webstie. These options may be viewed on the DCIG website ( under the Analysts Product subheading that appears at the top of the home page. DCIG provides both Sponsored and Unsponsored Analysis.

  5. Twit

    Gun for hire

    Right up there with Storage Swtizerland on integrity, pay for a report get a positive write up. Can't bellied buyers with any common sense pay any attention to this nonsense.

    1. DCIGJerome

      Re: Gun for hire

      Have you ever read one of the DCIG Buyer's Guide Editions and examined at the tremendous amount of detail and research that goes into each one? These are very credible and influential analyst reports.

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