back to article Bezos bags bonkers bucks as almighty AWS astounds again

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is on a roll after closing a financial quarter in which its operating income more than doubled. Amazon as a whole posted a solid quarter, with net sales of $30.4bn, up from $23.1bn, and net income of $857m, up from $92m. Much of that was due to the success of the cloud computing business. For the Q2 …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    it isn't cheap, so i am not surprised its a cash cow

    We are using AWS for a project instead of doing it in house as some of suggested and presented to the powers that be. Some people really really really really wanted to use AWS instead, and made many wrong assumptions that we knew to be wrong where they would save all kinds of money, on top of it being better since its cloud. Lots of magical thinking.

    There have been surprise costs around every corner, and now its on track to be double or more than we had even thought it would be in a worst case scenario.

    The great windfall from all this cloud success is that as a customer, all the hardware vendors are falling over backwards to drop their prices to keep us buying our own gear instead of using the cloud.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: it isn't cheap, so i am not surprised its a cash cow

      Brexit supporters only see the good news post-Brexit. Remainers only see the bad news.

      Trump supporters only see the good stuff they want to see in Trump. Anti-Trumpers only see the bad stuff.

      Cloud supporters... well, you get the idea. Objective reality and in-depth research seems to have very little impact in any decision making any more. Time will tell; life's too short to care too much about any one camp in any given argument when the world has been taken over by marketing sloganeers. Maybe the world really is just too complex to understand and we really should decide things by tossing a coin...?

  2. OnlyMee

    Cloud really pays back but only for some use cases

    I think benefits of cloud gives you depends a lot of what is been deployed there, and how company operates.

    1. Who benefits most. Born in a web mobile and SaaS app companies less than 5 years old with no legasy infra or team to run it. Why they use open source software (no licensing constraints) can design the deployment for cloud in mind. Why they benefit. No data centers and more importantly minimal ops staff (cost). Can scale fast if become successful (scalability). Have the bandwidth needed to serve high traffic web apps. (bandwidth)

    2. Second group who usually makes returns unless hampered with huge bandwidth costs is more traditional companies entering new markets and projects. Do you really want to build data center in South America as German company just to serve niche market with responsive web commerce solution(global)? Do you want to try figure out how to put together IoT platform rather than use PaaS solution (time to market ). Business-driven IT projects. Do you really want to go through 12 months security review and provisioning process with IT department when you are delivering marketing site that renders HTML with no customer data (time to market)

    3. Group who I rarely see to get any benefit or cost savings in the cloud. Enterprise company who deploys traditional enterprise apps with licensing agreements(usually blogs scaling and is not designed to constrain bandwidth usage) to cloud creating these weird VPN accessed mutants(perimeter security) that consume huge amount of bandwidth (cost) do not add any agility or any business value. These are generally done because someone wants to use "cloud". Only industry where I see positive cost cases for these are public sector and financial clients. Why because their own IT cost structure is so bad that anything is better by a mile.

    Above opinions are mine, but they been formulated after hundreds of production cloud deployments across industrues, market's and country borders.

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