back to article Security FUD and malware outbreaks boost Sophos' coffers

Revenues at Sophos were buoyed by the growing threat of ransomware and the like to its target mid-market customer base. For the quarter ending 30 June 2016, Sophos recorded revenues of $127.4m, 12.2 per cent up from the $113.5m its business brought in during Q1 2016. Kris Hagerman, chief executive officer, commented: "Our …

  1. Alan Brown Silver badge

    revenue optional in some cases

    I've been using sophos for years at work and it's worth the money, but they've recently branched out into a "home" edition - which is free.

    It's worth trying out.

    1. Andy_Lee

      Re: revenue optional in some cases

      Until recently they allowed Enterprise customers to distribute a standalone installer to its End Users for use on their home machines for free always considered this a nice touch from an AV vendour I first came across nearly 20 years ago when updates were distributed by me walking around the Office with a CD that Sophos posted to us in a monthly basis!!!

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