back to article Malware ads' steganography

A malicious online advertising campaign dubbed AdGholas threw malware at up to a million netizens a day, and infected thousands of Windows machines, for over a year, we're told. AdGholas picked out normal users to attack, as opposed to security researchers investigating the code in virtual machines, by studying their language …

  1. energystar

    so simple, so effective...

    Anything beyond protocols at the World Wild West, is abuse. Point.

    Thank to Trend Micro about this one :)

  2. Oengus

    Another example

    Yet another example of why everyone should run ad blockers and No Script by default.

    When will the advertising world get that they are the source of a lot of problems and cleanup their act.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Another example

      The firms contracting for the creation and distribution of these ads are well removed from the firms injecting the ads, let alone the sites obtaining revenues for the visitors. Externalities, in economic lingo, all over the food chains which means? Not my (ad industry) problem Jack.

      Without liability, there will be no accountability. But we've had this discussion too many times.

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