Buy a Surface, get spam from Microsoft

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    Buy a Surface, get spam from Microsoft

    I've bought a Surface, it's great - except MS are spamming me with a "Your Surface" email with nonsense about how I should use it, almost every day.

    It has no unsubscribe option, it's plain marketing spam from my viewpoint. It even says "forward to a friend" - no, that is not ever ever going to happen!

    Any ideas how to unsubscribe? Nothing in my MS account (I already have "don't send me junk" selected), nothing in my MS profile already removed any subscriptions.

    Ditto OneNote but I guess that's another forum... seriously, one new device two new spam subscriptions from MS.

    I've tried posting on the MS forums but just got unhelpful "Oh MS would never do that" from a fanboi.

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