back to article 3D print biz Shapeways hacked, home and email addresses swiped

Custom 3D model printing biz Shapeways has been hacked, who gained access to customers' shipping and email addresses, usernames and hashed passwords. New York-based Shapeways takes 3D designs and prints them for those unwilling or unable to invest in a 3D printer of their own. Its customers received an email today from CEO …

  1. J. R. Hartley

    See la later!

    Fucking idiots.

  2. kars1997

    Which hashing algorithm?

    Is it known which hashing algorithm was used by Shapeways?

    (and if it's one of the SHAs, whether the hashes were salted?)

    1. VinceH

      Re: Which hashing algorithm?

      The email didn't specify - only that "we protect your password with a hash"

      In fact, the email didn't say password hashes had been nabbed (as per the opening line of the article); it only suggested changing them as a precaution. Presumably, that's since been said to El Reg.

      And, ironically, I haven't changed mine yet (until right now) - hence the icon.

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