back to article Systemax flogs German sub to CANCOM

The break up of Systemax’s European operations may have just started after it brokered a “definitive agreement” to sell the Misco German subsidiary to CANCOM for an undisclosed sum. Under the terms of the deal, staff and customer lists will be transferred to the new owner. The deal is subject to closing conditions and is …

  1. W. Anderson

    Assinine business plan for many years

    For many years I was a regular Mail-order customer of Systemex's retail unit - Tigerdirect, for various hardware but discontinued using the company as a viable source, particularly Servers and networking equipment due to their rabbit faith of only supporting and selling Microsoft Windows and networking. when the world was moving to more mobile (Apple iOS and Android) and Linux for advanced servers and networking.

    If Microsoft was financially supporting the depressed PC marketplace at Tigerdirect/Systemex (proven in many FTC reports) , then the company was negligent, in not adopting popular mobile technology mentioned above - representing about 95% of all mobile, and/or not contracting "perpetual" support from Microsoft - even to the death of PC generation.

    Entities that enter into these convoluted marriages with Microsoft never learn, even after losing their shirt, pants and shoes, while Microsoft pushes on.

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