back to article Lenovo: Our gear will be 10% more pricey from 1 August

Lenovo has confirmed the price of its hardware is going to get more expensive in the UK from the start of next month. It is the latest vendor to react to the downward swing in the value of the British pound vs the US dollar. Confirmation of the double digit price hike – seen by us – was sent to channel partners late last week …

  1. Anonymous Coward


    "likely aware, the outcome of there referendum has led "

    Perhaps he ought to funnel some of that extra income towards a spell checker.

    1. BebopWeBop

      Re: This:

      Spelling is correct. Maybe a grammar checker?

      1. Fungus Bob

        Re: This:

        Leave Grammar alone! She's got enuf prollems with bein' blind in one eye an' can't see out t' uther an' bein' deef 'n' dum in both ears!

  2. James 51

    I doubt if the prices will ever some down, at least by a substantial amount. The £ to $ conversion already left a lot of room for gouging and I don't see that behaviour changing any time soon.

    1. Efros

      You have to remember

      that manufacturers have the added expense of making these devices right hand drive, I'm sure they're making an astute financial decision here.

  3. HollyHopDrive

    Well, I hope the uk staff are all expecting 10% pay rises too, based on the same that everything here seems to have gone up by 10%. Hello high we come.

    Seriously, we are really back to rip-off Britain all over again. Well done brexiteers. Looks like we really are going back to the good old days as you all wished.

    Still, eventually I suppose we have to start making stuff again because market forces will make it economical again. That all we will all end up using raspberry pi's because it's all well be able to afford. At least those are made in the uk! (Yay!)

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Not Likely With Carney the Clown.....

      When he was leading the BoC, he would tell us how great it would be to have a $0.25 dollar.

  4. The Godfather

    No way

    Unlikely to be any adjustment should currency recover....if it ever does

  5. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    "When the UK currency recovers"?

    You mean IF it recovers. It would probably fall lower if there wasn't a fair amount of doubt whether Brexit will even happen. If they follow through and serve Article 51 notice, I expect the pound will drop another few percent. If they announce there will be a vote of Parliament over serving the notice, then it will jump up, especially if the vote fails as one would expect.

    Then you get to deal with the mess from Brexiters who weren't aware last month's vote was not a binding referendum, but at least the pound would be back to where it was before (and you can see how long before HP, Lenovo etc. drop prices back)

    1. Tom 64

      Re: "When the UK currency recovers"?

      Indeed. The currency is only going to recover when the political situation does. With obergruppenführer May in charge, that may be some time away. Bend over and prepare for yet another shafting courtesy of the conservative party, people.

  6. Alan Hope

    In the run up to mid 2014 pound had been rising steadily against the USD. Didn't see Lenovo reducing their prices then. As usual, shareholders and bonuses come before customers.

  7. Anonymous Coward


    An excuse to rip off customers, today Brexit, tomorrow the weather or whatever.

  8. boatsman

    when? if...

    the UK currency recovers. Not very likely to happen anytime soon....

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