back to article Illinois StingRay crackdown

The state of Illinois is making it harder for cops to use StingRay devices, which mimic legit cellphone towers to track people's whereabouts. A new bill will forbid police from using the surveillance equipment on any investigation that has not yet been authorized by a judge. The law also calls for police to delete collected …

  1. Oengus

    What is happening in the USA

    I can't believe it... It looks like (some of) the US courts are finally realising that personal "freedoms" still exist (or should be protected by the law) and that mass surveillance is not acceptable without court approval.

    1. Mark 85

      Re: What is happening in the USA

      Almost scary, isn't it?

    2. tom dial Silver badge

      Re: What is happening in the USA

      According to the article, the action was taken in this case by the legislature and governor of Illinois, as is proper. It had nothing to do with a US or state court. That said, a federal or state court, if presented with a case, might well find that using a stingray to track an individual requires a warrant or other court order. Similar things have happened in the past, as with Riley v California, where a judge found that searching a cell phone incident to arrest normally is to be considered a fourth amendment search requiring a warrant.

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