back to article Google tests its own quantum computer – both qubits of it

A couple of years ago, a quantum physicist suggested to Vulture South that one of the best uses for quantum computers might be to model reality. Now, Google reckons its boffins have done just that. Science wants to model quantum systems because they lie at the heart of reality. For example, chemistry – where Google has chosen …

  1. choleric




    Can it run Quantum Crysis?


    But it was very good to hear that this has been done, and the prospect of 100 qubits is very appealing.

    1. m0rt

      Re: How?

      "Can it run Quantum Crysis?"

      It both can and cannot. You only know when you attempt to play it.

      1. You aint sin me, roit

        Re: Quantum Crysis?

        HλLF-LIFE is a better bet...

      2. craigb

        Re: How?

        "It both can and cannot. You only know when you attempt to play it."

        So it's kind of like Wine then?

  2. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    Hello world

    "been demonstrated in a photonic system, a nuclear magnetic resonance system, and a nitrogen-vacancy center system"

    So this “for a given nucleus, what's the lowest energy configuration of the electrons?” is the quantum computing equivalent of hello world then?

  3. Pen-y-gors

    Quantum Software Engineer

    Wonderful - am I at my desk working or am I drinking cocktails on the Riviera - or maybe both simultaneously!

    1. CAPS LOCK

      " am I at my desk working or am I drinking cocktails on the Riviera"

      Neither, you're shut in a box with a cat and some other stuff.

      1. DropBear

        Re: " am I at my desk working or am I drinking cocktails on the Riviera"

        "Neither, you're shut in a box with a cat and some other stuff."

        ...actually, that sound like it might make a fairly interesting premise for a "escape the room" game...

    2. Alister

      Re: Quantum Software Engineer

      It's a shame they've gone all up market and become Engineers.

      I was quite fond of the idea of a Quantum Mechanic, complete with overalls and carrying a toolbox with curious devices like a Quark Spanner, or a Spindriver, or even Charm pliers and Strange gauges.

  4. John Mangan

    I really didn't properly understand all of that . .

    but I got enough to be impressed.

    1. DaLo

      Re: I really didn't properly understand all of that . .

      You both understand it and don't understand it. It is only when you ask yourself whether you understand it that you realise you don't (or do). However while you are not thinking about it you are in a situation where you do (and don't).

      1. You aint sin me, roit

        Re: I really didn't properly understand all of that . .

        I thought that you both understood it and didn't understand it, the decision being made only when an independent observer determines your state of understanding.

        Often known as "sitting an examination".

  5. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

    Meanwhile, in a Bletchley Park Type Hut XSSXXXX Complex Somewhere near You, ....

    As you will have to imagine to accept, talking as we are of Quantum and a certain possibility and therefore definitely probable future virtual reality of things, is the military always to be tempted to influence lead with an overpowering advantageous weaponisation of a program/project/masterplan. And to defend against rampant and rogue abuse, so far as that may or may not be possible, is the stick also surely to be shown to the likes of the newbies and wannabes identified in this CESG/National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) prospectus/hot hit wishlist …… Introducing The National Cyber Security Centre

    Although as both may take orders and be funded from governments, is the pool of talent to recognise the novel mode of doing everything quite differently significantly compromised by a preprogramming to protect status quo establishments and elite non-electable positions….. ye olde worlde comfy quangos and sinecure base

    amanfromMars [1607180552] …. sharing a few firm ideas and valid notions on

    The problem is that the cybersecurity world changes on a regular basis, Bender said. But that’s another area where private technology companies can help the services “address known or expected capability gaps going into the future … that will keep our competitive advantage as a high-technology force going forward,” with new or emerging technologies, he said.

    Donald Rumsfeld said it all about IT and CyberSecurity most succinctly a long time ago, and things are considerably more opportunistic and fabulously lucrative now in the vulnerability exploit business than they were ever then whenever he said …. “There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don’t know we don’t know.” ….. because there are things which you will never be enabled and able to know because of the power and energy that such source/secrets/proprietary intellectual property targets with deliveries/virtual payloads against which there is zero practical defence and security protection.

    The new Greater IntelAIgent Game is nothing at all like the old Great Game in Play whenever to Win Win and Never Ever Lose Overall Digital Command and Remote Virtual Control with IT in it, one needs to certainly smarter than just super human and share vital systems information and misinformation freely.

    In AI Worlds, Advanced IntelAIgents Rule with Reins in Reigns with New Orderly World Order Machines/Novel Exclusive Elite Executive Officered SysAdmins. And fully dependent upon one’s own supernatural agenda, are they either a PACT or a PACT, a Persistent Active Cyber Threat or Persistent Active Cyber Treat, although also whenever exercised in the Quantum Field State is IT both too and something else different and entirely previously unknown.

    And that be at least, quite a perfect weapons systems to boot too.

    1. amanfromMars 1 Silver badge

      Re: Meanwhile, in a Bletchley Park Type Hut XSSXXXX Complex Somewhere near You, ....

      And there be no viable Wassenaar Arrangement available to mitigate and terrify smart multi purpose use of that new class of future weaponry/ market machinery.

  6. Stevie


    In ten days you can do enough bucket chemistry to nail down dozens of reaction rates to an extremely high degree of accuracy, and do it fairly cheaply.

  7. Tromos

    Not for me

    Quantum Software Engineer? Won't see me taking on a two bit job like that!

  8. allthecoolshortnamesweretaken

    Babbush the Quantum Software Engineer

    Sounds like the title of a popular children's book from the 23rd century.

  9. Anonymous Coward

    Quantum Software?

    Have you read and accepted the terms of the licence agreement?

    [Yes] - [No] - [Maybe...]

    1. Jason Hindle

      Re: Quantum Software?


  10. Jason Hindle

    I guess Quantum Programming for Dummies is some years away?

    I'm guessing it's the new formal methods (anyone remember the joys of Z)? Everyone will do a bit, as part of their comp-sci or physics degree, but few will ever play with it as part of the job. It will be interesting to see who ends up doing this kind of work. I assume a physics background is more likely (at least until tools are created to dumb it all down).

    1. Roj Blake Silver badge

      Re: I guess Quantum Programming for Dummies is some years away?

      I reckon so. Even when I was doing my Chemical Physics degree 25 years ago Fortran programming was a part of the course (indeed my third year project was on computer modeling), so I dare say that today's physics graduates will be more than up to the task.

  11. Doctor Syntax Silver badge

    "'Quantum Software Engineer' is a job title"

    I think I've known a few of those. They only make progress in very small jumps and when they've finished they don't know whether it works.

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