back to article DDoS, the cloud and you

Private cloud computing can be a useful way to offload some computing overhead and manage your costs effectively. The switch to operating expenses from capital expenses, the elasticity, the business continuity benefits – they're all real. But so are the dangers of DDoS disaster. There's a problem with moving your servers and …

  1. Pen-y-gors Silver badge

    Nothing new here

    Nothing new really. Same problems and risks have been there for years with shared hosting - who else is on your physical server and IP address? Had a couple of problems some years ago when dodgy site elsewhere on the server was busy spamming and we all got blacklisted for a while.

    Cloud just makes the problem a bit vaguer and fluffier.

  2. JustinGiardina

    Size doesn't matter - security priorities do

    Enjoyed our discussion on the topic, Danny. Quick clarifier – The size of the cloud provider doesn't really matter as long as they are focused on the security of their services. With recent DDoS attacks peaking well over 500Gb/sec, you need to make sure your provider has the means to prevent such an attack. Do your homework and verify they have the proper mitigation infrastructure in place - it's an art that combines bandwidth and security services like Cloudflare and others you mention. That's iland's approach.

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