back to article Official: AMD now stands for Avoiding Miserable Death

AMD fans are over the moon today as their favorite processor designer has sold more chips than expected in the three months to June 25. The Sunnyvale, California, biz beat analysts' estimates on revenue and earnings per share in a billion-dollar quarter that ended in the black rather than the usual red: the Radeon maker banked …

  1. Will Godfrey Silver badge

    Not celebrating yet but...

    ... it's good to see their status improving.

    1. Sebastian A

      Re: Not celebrating yet but...

      Yep. I haven't bought an AMD chip in a little while but I certainly appreciate their presence in the market. Keeps Intel innovating and keeps their pricing honest.

      1. Teiwaz Silver badge

        Re: Not celebrating yet but...I've got my cheerleader outfit on (kinky)

        Damn straight. I bought a new passive cooled PC a year back, going AMD got me a good base system at a reasonable price I was able to afford to max out storage and RAM. The new Amdgpu drivers are on the way too.

        1. Anonymous Coward
          Anonymous Coward

          Re: Not celebrating yet but...I've got my cheerleader outfit on (kinky)

          Pictures or it didn't happen...

          1. Mpeler

            Re: Not celebrating yet but...I've got my cheerleader outfit on (kinky)

            "Pictures or it didn't happen..."

            Debbie does Dresden?

    2. Wade Burchette Silver badge

      Re: Not celebrating yet but...

      If I read this right, these numbers do not in reflect Polaris. The RX 480 is hard to find here in the States. I also read on some tech websites that custom RX 480's had to be delayed because AMD underestimated demand. All this is good news. I love competition.

      I am also very excited for Zen. Although people do not expect the 8 core Zen to outperform a 8 core Xeon/Core i7, people are expecting it to be a better value. And Zen is coming in 8 to 32 core varieties. (Probably fewer too.) That will significantly lower the prices of Intel's line. A win-win for everyone except Intel.

  2. Paul Crawford Silver badge


    Now if only AMD would open up the management processors, etc, so a proper audited open-source BIOS could be offered for matching motherboards we might be able to use less tin foil for our millinery needs.

    1. Mpeler
      Big Brother

      Re: Open?

      Right. Just like Intel...

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    AMD are needed not so much for competition for Intel but for competition for NVidia

    1. Peter2 Silver badge

      No, we really, really need competition for Intel.

      If we hadn't of hand the sort of technological arms race in chippery we have had between AMD & Intel then we wouldn't have chips at anywhere near the price and performance we have today.

      No AMD = a good day for shareholders at Intel as R&D basically gets axed and prices go up through the roof.

      Personally I quite like the trend of getting more powerful chips that use the same or less energy for the same or less money each generation, and I don't think it would continue to even remotely the same extent if AMD suffered A Miserable Death. May this be long Avoided.

      1. TeeCee Gold badge

        Also, if it hadn't been for Intel's massive kick up the arse from the AMD Athlon and Opteron 64s, we'd be stuck with bloody Itaniums these days.

        1. This post has been deleted by its author

  4. MJI Silver badge

    Kept going by PS4?

    This is what it seems like.

    A very good business model really as the console market is a separate market to PCs.

    Non PC market is expanding.

    1. Aitor 1

      Re: Kept going by PS4?

      Today they just cant compete with intel, and have plenty of trouble competing against nvidia.

      The thing is, the desktop is almost dead except for high performance computers, and most computers are bottom of the barrel.

      Arm looks like the winner in the medium term... I would NOT be a long term investor on amd shares...

      Arm looks like the winner here

      1. LaeMing

        Re: Kept going by PS4?

        Which might be why AMD is working towards being a supplier of ARM cores too.

      2. Medixstiff

        Re: Kept going by PS4?

        "The thing is, the desktop is almost dead except for high performance computers, and most computers are bottom of the barrel."

        It's not dead, it's that the bloatware war has been won since the Intel Core CPU's were released.

        We don't need to upgrade every 2 -3 years now (my existing Core-i7 930 PC was built in March 2010 and is still going strong) with today's multi-core CPU's, a decent graphics card an an SSD for a boot drive, there's no need to upgrade, unless you are so vain you must have the latest and greatest for e-penis reasons.

        The mobile market is the same, Apple sold less phones last quarter, Samsung's been complaining about slow sales for a year now, all because they didn't learn from the PC world, went full steam ahead with octa core CPU's and 3GB+ RAM and now everything runs super smooth and super fast on phones that are 2 - 3 years old, so why bother upgrading for some slightly nicer looking photos and a slightly faster CPU/GPU?

  5. mrmond

    Perhaps if they survive longer...

    They might rethink Linux support.

    My laptop's not much much more than a year old and already the GPU isn't supported by the closed source Radeon driver anymore.

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