back to article Reg readers head to pub to hear about the digital home

Every inventor wants to build a better moustetrap, so it’s no surprise that IBM master inventor Andy Stanford-Clark make sure he applied his IoT expertise to inflicting mayhem on his unwanted mursine visitors. This was just one example deployed at his recent Register Summer Lecture. No one wants a dead mouse stinking up the …

  1. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    VC funding plz

    That gives me an idea for a literal IoT mousetrap.

    It will have sensors, and an app to tell you how many mice you've trapped, and a battery life of at least 48 hours.

    I'll sell the traps as a loss leader, and make my profit selling mouse-trap related social data to advertisers.

    1. tiggity Silver badge

      Re: VC funding plz

      Or a rat trap.

      That way the advertisers pay as handy to know to avoid the rat infested homes.

      Double win, those who don't want advertising game the system to make it look like they have rats hence avoiding ads.

  2. Dan 55 Silver badge

    "You don’t get the Q&A"

    So nice for people outside of London.

    Perhaps you could do live Q&As online.

  3. DropBear

    Not sure what happened there but I couldn't understand a single word even with every volume slider and knob cranked to eleven. A pity, I was really interested in this one...

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