Rackspace gone dowwwwn?

This topic was created by Chris Walsh .

  1. Chris Walsh

    Rackspace gone dowwwwn?

    Our Rackspace hosted server has been having problems with RDP and FTP this morning.

    Now our hosted site is not responding to http requests - nor is the rackspace's own website at http://www.rackspace.co.uk/

    What is going down? DDOS?

    Update: Apparently it is a major BT outsage

    1. ricardian

      Re: Rackspace gone dowwwwn?

      I'm in Orkney (Stronsay) and have been having broadband problems since yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. At 0900 today the BT information line 0800 169 0199 says there is a major problem affecting "some" subscribers and "some" websites...

    2. DaLo

      Re: Rackspace gone dowwwwn?

      Could be more than just BT. Some reports are of a 'power incident' at a key London exchange which has partially crippled the UK internet.

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