back to article Virtual mirror on the wall, what will happen at VMware's ball?

VMware saves its biggest announcements of the year for its late August VMworld conference. The company of course keeps its cards close to its chest, but the content catalog for the conference generally offers some clues about what we can expect. The Register's virtualisation desk has long predicted that the current vSphere …

  1. Smoking Gun

    Is vSphere 6.0 working yet?

    1. Simon Sharwood, Reg APAC Editor (Written by Reg staff)

      Now now .. no need to be nasty ;-)

    2. kucigaromeo

      of course it works, if you don't mind purple screen and management services suddenly stop working

  2. Lost_Signal

    "Potato, Potata"

    "which doesn't seem to be called VSAN any more"

    Technically the product name has been "VMware Virtual SAN" since launch. (VSAN if you want to be pedantic is a bit like a VLAN for a fibre channel fabric). You don't have product names that you can't trademark. VSAN is a very common abbreviation for it as it does roll off the tongue quite a bit better than a 3 word phrase....

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