back to article Tor board swept under carpet after Appelbaum 'sex misconduct' claims

The entire board of the Tor Project has been replaced in an effort to restore credibility in the anonymizing network software. In an announcement on the non-profit's website, executive director Shari Steele noted that the board decided to leave as a block and replace themselves entirely with a new set of six people, including …

  1. Hollerithevo

    If you hold an office in a company... can't look the other way or pretend something is 'personal' and has nothing to do with you. You shouldn't anyway and, in these days of instant unwanted intertube fame, you shouldn't pretend that it won't blow up in your face. No one is above a twitter-storm. And if the allegations (whatever they might be) are true, then the mess will hurt both you and your company.

    1. Ole Juul

      Re: If you hold an office in a company...

      I think this thing kind of snuck up on them like the quarter degree boiled frog. Having followed this from the beginning I was wondering how they planned to deal with the situation. I think what they did here is excellent.

    2. Col

      Re: If you hold an office in a company...

      In these days of intertube social media gossipmongering even if the allegations are false, or unprovable either way, it'll probably still hurt you and your company.

  2. TeaLeaf

    Balanced Board

    Did anyone else notice that the board contains 3 men and 3 women? Nice! TOR made some mistakes, but they seem to be trying to do better.

    1. Anonymous Coward
      Anonymous Coward

      Re: Balanced Board

      To be honest, I didn't notice until I read your post, in which you pointed it out. Now I'm left wondering if the selection was politically motivated.

    2. Trevor_Pott Gold badge

      Re: Balanced Board

      You what's not nice? That we have to actually care about such things.

      A) At what point does {whatever} equality* start being normal?

      B) At what point do we stop with "positive/negative/right/left/upsidefown discrimination" and people can start doing the jobs they actually want to do in life without having to worry that if they born with the wrong {thing that is measured to determine group status} they'll have a harder time getting a job?

      *And how do we measure {whatever} equality? Is it only equal is {group} is represented the same amount as {other group}? Is it equal if the representation roughly parallels the proportion of {group} in society? Which {group}s do we count? Why {group}1 and not {group}2? Do we only count against the perceived "dominant" {group}? Who determines when the "dominant" {group} stops being dominant? Do we then have to change against which {group} everything is measured?

      Prejudice just sucks all over. Why can't we all just treat eachother like people? :(

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